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3: Spring in the South

Anyone who lives in the South knows what I’m about to say is true…

If you want to experience all 4 seasons in one day, come to the South! Ha. That should be our motto.

But I’m serious. Spring in the South is no joke.

I never knew the struggle until I had kids. Trying to dress them for school in and of itself is an experience. When it’s in the 30s prior to 7am, but closer to the 80s when they get home from school around 3pm…we have a problem. Oh, “just dress them in layers!” Pfft. A 4 year old doesn’t quite understand layers and a 10 year old hates them.

Story of my life.

A couple of weeks ago we had unseasonably warm 80 degree weather…followed by snow and frost! Go on and laugh. This little bit of snow made EVERYONE happy. Lol

Of course it was just a dusting, but we made a few snowballs and froze our fingers off. And no, schools didn’t shut down. It started on Saturday night and was all gone by Sunday night. Boo-hiss.

What can I say? I’m lovable. 😂😉

So why am I taking the time out of my busy day to talk about the South? Well, because anyone who knows Southerners, knows we’re uncharacteristically proud of it. I don’t know why. It could be our southern twang, our slower pace at life, or maybe we’re just inbreed ingoramouses (just kidding! I’m pretty intelligent, myself 😜). Despite the negative connotations connected to us (or is it Texas?), the South is a pretty cool place.

I live in South Carolina. Where the pollen rides in on waves of brisk wind starting late February.

Where you dress in heavy winter coats and gloves in the morning, then switch to shorts and tanks in the afternoon.

Where flip flops are the state shoe, year-around.

Where Lula Roe leggings are both fashionable AND expensive…and every mom owns a couple hundred pair (‘cept me, of course!).

And where Spring is just a word. The weather we experience ranges from Ice Age to a cool desert day. Where flowers and produce blossom early, then die after a deep freeze.

We love it and hate it. It’s the “calm” before Hell on Earth lands during the Summer. If a Southerner has told you they’ve sweated in places they didn’t know they could sweat, they’re telling you the truth.

It’s brutal and it’s beautiful. So colorful. So vibrant…if you can see past your watering eyes.

But I’ve travelled some and lived in a few different places, and I can’t deny that Spring in the South is oneofakind.

Pinks, purples, and green, oh my! Indecisive weather. Pollen. And bugs.

Bugs galore! 😱

So if you’re brave enough and strong enough to battle your allergies (and creepy crawlies), visiting the South during the season of rebirth is more than worth it. 

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2: Midnight Ideas

What is it about the night hours that awakens my mind? I sing my sweet kiddos to sleep, spend some time with my husband, unwind with some video games, and reflect on all the things that need to get done, but never do.

Sometimes I contemplate the universe or all the hatred and chaos in the world.

Sometimes I read until the sun rises, escaping into worlds that I wish were my own.

I drag during the day, unable to focus or complete most tasks. It’s not depression. Maybe a little bit of laziness and a lotta bit of time reversal. I should be asleep during the day.

But that’s not how the world works.

Funny how people are like, “You’re tired during the day because you stay up all night. Just go to bed earlier.” Yea, that sounds easy to those who fit the universal mold. But what if I don’t want to go to bed earlier? What if my mind and body are designed to funtion during different times? Why do I need to change?

It’s hit and miss. I’ve tried early bed times and early risings. Still tired. And I tossed and turned for hours. I just accept my fate, chug some coffee, and sludge through the day.

Sometimes I wish I could go to bed at 9, or 10, or even 11. But I consistently hit the sack closer to 2 or 3 in the morning. Up a few hours later to get my kids off to school, then I laze the day away.

I need motivation. I need balance. I need the energy I feel at night during the day.

Is this my new goal and attainable question of life right now? Maybe, just maybe.

“I don’t need to fit the mold. The mold needs to fit me.” ~ Owl

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1: Silent Reflection

Over thinkers. And silent seekers.

When the sun sets below the horizon and the stars come out to play, magic and madness fills the air. A current of brisk adrenaline. A whisper of the unknown.

The heavy blanket of daily monotonous trolling lifts and exposes our lungs and minds to fresh air and ideas. They say sleep is necessary to “reset” our memories and mind so we start fresh the next day.

But I say nightly reflection seals the deal. Accepts new knowledge. Solidifies new life lessons.

Psychology claims the thinkers, dreamers, and intellects come alive at night due to the freedom it brings. There’s nothing like standing in a field in the pitch black, breathing in the crisp spring air, and staring at a panaramic view of thousands of stars stretched across lake country sky.

So this blog….is more about my late-night tangents, ideas, and advice for those who were born to a different daily rhythm.