Who Am I?

What an interesting question. I mean, who are any of us?

I am a wife of 10 years to my best friend and lover.

I am a mom of two, a 10 years young daughter and a 4 years wild son.

I am a college graduate with a passion for writing and psychology.

I am a full-time Homemaker with duties including: chef, chauffeur, secretary, maid, nurse, accountant, personal shopper, nanny, jailer, and most importantly, caregiver.

I have two dogs and a black cat.

I play video games, watch a LOT of Netflix, and read obsessively.

I’m also a bit of a hermit, antisocial, awkward, and a bit of a conspiracy theorist (although I like to think I’m just open-minded since I need FACTS.).

So I’m not sure if that answers who I am, but that definitely covers my roles, passions, and motivations.

Hit me up if you have any questions.