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1: Silent Reflection

Over thinkers. And silent seekers.

When the sun sets below the horizon and the stars come out to play, magic and madness fills the air. A current of brisk adrenaline. A whisper of the unknown.

The heavy blanket of daily monotonous trolling lifts and exposes our lungs and minds to fresh air and ideas. They say sleep is necessary to “reset” our memories and mind so we start fresh the next day.

But I say nightly reflection seals the deal. Accepts new knowledge. Solidifies new life lessons.

Psychology claims the thinkers, dreamers, and intellects come alive at night due to the freedom it brings. There’s nothing like standing in a field in the pitch black, breathing in the crisp spring air, and staring at a panaramic view of thousands of stars stretched across lake country sky.

So this blog….is more about my late-night tangents, ideas, and advice for those who were born to a different daily rhythm.


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